ICCSIntelligent Camera Controlling System



ICCS streaming object angular velocity to the UDP server and at the same time streaming the video over the
Network Using TCP sockets.
Yeah , that's me in the pic !


This is  our new project  that we are developping in a team in the Karlsruhe University , Our task will be to detect the people faces that pass in front of a security camera , not only that but the camera should automatically follow the person as he is moving , it will decide when to take the best shot using a high res digital camera that is attached to the main cam , The face will be saved in a database for further usage , The camera must also support manual remote moving , changing of targets (i.e : instead of faces , it will detect cars , pedestrians ...) and remote zooming, Also if the camera has a motion detector integrated , it should only go on when she detects movement , and mail the admin of the system of any news , We will also be able to send sms messages using tweeter and a webbot .

The project is mainly done in our free time and we have allocated from 6 to 9 months to complete it.

It will be also completely opensource and licended under the LGPL.

Check SVN on sourceforge for the code: